Hazel's "Portal For

Evolutionary Wisdom"

 The "Portal For Evolutionary Wisdom" Includes:

Monthly Online FREE Access

to Channelled Wisdom & Guidance

To inspire and Guide you during this era of rapid

Evolution & Awakening


To the "Portal for Evolutionary Wisdom"

& Free Monthly  "Zac Chats"


For those of you ready to take your journey with Zac to the next level, Janet and I have created conversations with Zac that explore topics that are new to us and stretch us just that little bit further....

We already have several Deep Dive conversations in  Zacs Portal... (we also have the Zac Chats there so you can find everything in one place)  You can subscribe to Zacs Patreon site for a small monthly fee, which helps keep Janet and I funded while we bring these pertinent love filled, enlightening conversations to you and others in our big ascending tribe, our big soul family, those who are ready to embody these advanced lessons and teachings....

We look forward to welcoming you on Patreon and sharing monthly wisdom with you in the form of 'Deep Dives' with Zac on the first of each month and also 'Zac Chats' which arrive in the middle of the month....

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