Channels, Channelling &

Connecting to our Own Inner Wisdom

Who on Earth are We?

For eons we have been wondering about who we truly are, are we alone in this Universe or do we share it with other beings?

Listening to the wisdom of Highly Evolved Beings and Guides, who are channelled through everyday people can be life changing!

Here are just a few of the various more well known Spiritual Teachers and Channels that have inspired me over the last few decades and continue to do so...

What is channelling, how is it possible?

Voices and speaking in tongues have been recorded as being heard and experienced for centuries... Channelling or transmitting the energy or wisdom of another being is not new!

Conversations with God ~ Neale Donald Walsche


I love to read the Conversations with God Books... Where 'God' speaks through Neale Donald Walsche and puts us straight on a few things!

The latest book Conversations with God book 4 ~Awaken the Species,

is a must for those interested in the awakening process, the help we are receiving from Highly Evolved Beings and what wonders await us as we continue our evolution story...

Reading this amazing book, (4 times on audio over 6 months)having read all of his other life changing conversations with God books....I felt a very strong call to join many others and take some action, to respond to the call to play a part in assisting each member of Humanity to awaken. Not to simply focus on a sole ascension but to help inspire as many as possible to evolve so we can all ascend together...

Lee Carrol and Kryon of Magnetic Service


I am a huge fan of the wisdom from Kryon, who is channelled through Lee Carrol. He has been channelling for nearly 3 decades... Its been amazing to go to each of his UK live events over the last few years.

I simply love the positivity and support that Kryon offers us as we travel through our fascinating evolution process....

You can find free channelled audios from every  event on

In the photos I am meeting Lee Carrol & therefore Kryon ~ You could call me a bt of a spiritual Groupie!!

Yes, I'm a huge follower, I listen to every audio track he releases!!

Lee Carrol 2018.jpg

Daniel Scranton and Various ET & Star Beings

I absolutely love the daily channeled messages from all of Daniels guides, I always read each one! Daniel works with many groups and has so much valuable information and downloadable tracks on his website.

Well worth signing up for his inspiring and high

frequency messages.

Mike Dooley and The Universe!


I also love these daily channelled Messages from the Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®

You can sign up for daily inspiration.... Set your vibration high each morning! © ® 

Here is one....

"Last night, I was dreaming of you, again.


You were radiant, confident, and light beamed in every direction from the core of your being. Music followed you, angels serenaded you, and everyone was elevated by your presence. Wisdom shown from your eyes. Kindness emanated from your touch. And your power was simply awesome.


You looked, well... pretty much... exactly as you do right now.



The Universe

PS True, you were wearing a lot of sparkles, but I know the difference between sparkles and angels."

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