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Choose the View that Benefits YOU

I used to think that being “spiritual” would mean life would become easy and, hopefully, I wouldn’t have any more problems! I thought that now I was mastering my challenges, it was time for the ideal, problem-free, fairytale life to begin!!

Not a chance! Well, not in the way I expected. Thinking differently, practicing my new positive, trusting perspective didn’t exactly completely stop me from having further life challenges! Instead, the gift that I had acquired was, amazingly, that my responses to new challenges showing up in my life was completely different. My perspective totally shifted and I was starting to experience old “problems” now as 'interesting challenges' that were giving me an opportunity to find out more about myself, perhaps a reason to accept certain things or forgive myself for things, done in the past, that I was still holding on to.

Some of the challenges have been intense, but they have taught me to trust that the outcome would be the best for my soul. Through this new way of responding I could choose to be happy, trusting and fascinated in every situation. the mantra Choose The View that Benefits you appeared in my mind regularly. I also remember the teaching of Anthony Robbins saying we can always apply a new meaning to any situation, a meaning that makes us feel good or even a meaning that is totally incredible. The important thing is to be the creator of our feelings and emotions so that we can thrive.