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Trouble Shooting Soul-utions: Transcription Info &

Pam Gregorys Sunday Global Meditation Initiative

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Payment Declined:

If you have joined us as a Patron and you find you are unable to access our Deep Dives or Meditations you may need to update your bank card with your bank, as your card may have been declined and simply need updating. 


If your card authorization declines, contact your bank and request that they accept all future charges from Patreon * Membership before re-attempting.

See the information given at the link below.


Downloading Audio Tracks:

You can download the meditations and audio tracks from Soundcloud once you go to it yourself via the link in Patreon.

Downloading the track can usually only be done from a computer rather than a mobile.

**When you open up the recording in Soundcloud, you will find underneath the image and under the comments section, 5 little boxes. The 5th one says ...More (see the 3 dots). Click on this and you will find a drop down list with a download button.


Having it in a downloaded format means you can listen to it off line!

I also suggest for those of you who are more tech savvy you then send it to your mobile (via Airdrop or We Transfer etc) and then you can save it somewhere like the Collect App to listen to offline. All of our audio files can be downloaded and saved.

NEW: Transcriptions


We have Transcribed Zacs transmissions from 2024 and future transcripts will be added to our new shop in Patreon .

Click Here The exchange is a cup of coffee for one of us! £3.75 or the equivilent in your currency. To avoid Apple Fees it is best to purchase the transcriptions on your browser rather than through the patreon app.


Many of you have been asking us for this service, thank you for giving us the nudge! We agree it is such a great idea and a great support to read alongside Zacs transmissions.


We appreciate the benefits of reading alongside Zac as he speaks; or perhaps you will use the transcript to highlight aspects that stand out for you and to later refer back to all of the important points he makes.

To enhance each transcript we have also included the written information that accompanies each Patreon post and the AI Summary from Otter. These transcriptions take hours to get right as Otter doesn't yet understand Zacs voice or his transmission of conciousness... making it interesting to put his concepts, messages and words into our human sentences!!


So as Zac's transmissions are a stream of consciousness and he doesn't often speak in sentences, some small gramatical changes may be made in the transcription to make it more readable!

Our dream is that these will help you to identify all of of his cosmic insights and treasures that deeply resonate with you, in a format that is easy to refer back to.



**Please note the Patreon shop is relatively new and as such is currently designed on the App for purchasers in USA and Canada. For those of us in other parts of the world we can still purchase just as easily from the Patreon Shop via the website on a browser i.e. on your computer. Some of you may even find you can purchase through the app, we have heard some people have managed to do so. However, this may be an exception due to certain settings or may be different on Android or iPhones! You will know when you go to purchase a transcription or bundle if a message pops up saying 'Not available in your country'


**Apple also add a hefty fee when purchasing on IOS, so it is likely to be much better value from the browser! Do check as we wish to keep the price down to make it an affordable addition to Zacs offerings!


So for now while Patreon and Apple iron out these teething issues we suggest that if you wish to make any purchases you do it directly from a web browser rather than from the Patreon App.


Pop the URL below in your browser or click the link:

To Be Continued!

Zac's Friends

Sunday Intentional Meditation:  - Highest Good for All & For Earth

For those of you who are not already aware, we wanted to ensure you know that our dear friend, gifted Astrologer and wise Sage:

Pam Gregory has initiated a brilliant 15 minute Sunday Global Meditation.

It is non-facilitated (no zoom links) and free for everyone to join from their own homes or inspirational favourite spots in nature. 

the 15 minutes start at 7pm UK time: 

Timezone map:

Timezone converter:


It is so simple and profoundly powerful in its design; already bringing many, many people from around our evalating globe together energetically in heart coherence, with a collective intention for 'Highest Good' or 'Betterment for ALL'  Something Zac is constantly inspiring us to do..

We can magnify our heart energy by placing our hand on our hearts.


 Sit it in the light and simply say;

 ‘I am light and I am gathering the light of the world together with all the others who are also initiating the light to lift us out of this scenario, for betterment for all' 



Ensure you are in a in positive coherent emotion while joining this meditation, and focus your inherent light of Love, Peace, Gratitude, Oneness, Freedom and Expansion of Consciousness...

We love this!!!


We are welcoming in an Expanded Consciousness of LOVE

Lovely souls coming all across the world are linking up hearts and souls, co-creating evalation, peace and harmony on Earth. 


Here's Pams video explanation, we hope you are inspired and will join us all...


"Just like the moonlight water it only takes a thimble full of the dominant force; the dominant force energy is light.

 Sit in the light, surrender and allow yourself to simply beam light"



More on the power of moonlight and what he means by beaming the light - in this March's Zac Chat!

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