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Events: With Zac, Janet & Hazel

The Revelations Events

Back in 2017 I read and re-read a channelled book by Neale Donald Walsch Called 'Awaken the Species' ~ Conversations with God Book 4.

I was neither new to channelling books, channels or even holding channeling events, however it spurred me into taking action to add the intent of being one of many all pulling together to assist in the 'awakening of our species'.


The new events were named 'Revelations' and my goodness they were full of them! Our guests were able to send their questions to the front to be directed to one or other of the channels. The first had 7 channels taking the spotlight during the day and standing room only for a few who wanted to join on the day... It was a HUGE success and we went on to run another 5 hugely successful Revelations events before all of the restrictions began... Sadly soon after Janet became very ill so we put our live events on hold until she is fully restored!

One of our highlights is when Janet and Lisa channel both Zac and The ElderSelves simultaneously, the conversation that comes through is utterly brilliant, very funny and highly insightful


We will be running more... of course! However for now we have put our energy into our Patreon site and ensuring we help many people around the world to hear Zacs wisdom as we walk towards the end of one era and into the beginning of the new, where everything will be different! 

Revelations 2020.jpg

Hear what we get up to on these extraordinary days!

Guides talking to guides - what fun they had as they shared profound wisdom!! As did we the audience!

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 12.40.02.png

More Revelations Events
to come!!



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