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Janet  Treloar

Janet and the Highly Evolved Guide Zacharia known fondly as Zac, have a huge following here in the UK and Europe and regularly speak to large groups of people.

Zac is an aspect of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul that had a physical incarnation, so he is wonderfully grounded.

Janet holds regular Channelling Courses and a three day deep dive in a Channelling Extravaganza. Janet is currently writing Channelled Books with Zac. Contact Janet

"Zac Chats"

Lisa Fullbright   Cossey

Lisa has a talent for accessing Guidance from a wide variety of Ascended Masters, Native Shaman Elders and other aspects of consciousness. Together we run two Channelling Evenings each month in Stroud and Bristol. Lisa, a homeopath, often combines Guidance and Homeopathy in sessions and works with clients in person and over skype.

She is about to launch Bright Lights School of Spiritual Training. Do register your interest.

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Gina  Schofield

Gina regularly channels for private clients and in groups, collectives of Star Beings, from Star systems like The Pleiades, Andromeda, and also beings like Blue Avians. Her Guides often navigate people through powerful processes and activations.

Together we run a Monthly Channelling Evening in Bristol.

Gina is a Reiki and EFT Practitioner and Healer, works with clients often using activations, in person and over skype.

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