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New Patrons & Subscribers to Zacs Portal

** This section of our monthly 'Cosmic Love Letter' is now hosted here on the website. It is for both new patrons of Zacs Portal and those feeling drawn to explore more of the riches Zac and his cosmic friends are transmitting, to support and guide us on this extraordinary journey of awakening.. or as Zac calls it Evalating! (His own special word combining the concepts and letters of Evolving & Elevating)

Zac is really helping us all to explore and gain more of an inner-standing as we observe and witness what is playing out on the world stage. Also to trust that we are on the cusp of the biggest upgrade humanity has ever experienced... an inner transformation that will now begin to manifest as we enter the long awaited and extremely welcomed Age of Aquarius!

For our free Subscribers: We record enlightening monthly Zac Chats to introduce you to Zac and we hope these will inspire you to seek more of Zacs effervescent wisdom and join us for Zacs deeper evalatory/ascension teachings.

For our Patrons:
Deep Dives: Patrons of Zacs gain access to the slightly longer, deeper and very profound Deep Dives /Cosmic Classroom Conversations

Our membership area is an absolute treasure trove; full of Zacs' high perspective, love and humour filled posts. Once you join and start to scroll, you will also discover the great wealth of highly pertinent wisdom within all of our previous conversations with Zac. These conversations with our cosmic friend contain an absolute abundance of inspiring high dimensional evolutionary information, ... giving us many answers to our very human questions at this time of great transformation!! 

Meditations: A bit of background information; when Zac records the meditations, he actually coordinates these meditations himself through Janet, who listens to hours of music each month, he very specifically selects each of the tracks which have the energy that supports his messages and activations. When he has the playlist organised Janet sits down and presses play and he then records the meditation. Incredibly it is all done in just one take. I am sure you will agree his timing is impeccable and multi-dimensional! He is quite the cosmic DJ!!
We shared his meditations with our patrons for several years until 2023, when he had to float back a little, due to Janets illness meaning she was unable to channel while her nervous system repared. The Meditation Library is over flowing with Zacs masterpeices.. do let us know your favourite once you have experienced them all!! We suggest picking them intuitively, like cards from a card deck until you are familiar with them all.

Janet stepped in and was thrilled to be able to record them in her own voice. Janets meditations are equally sublime, often rather magical and will transport you in to higher realms of experience, consciousness and awareness. They are every bit as fabulous as Zacs, and he and many light Beings and the Angelic Realms add specific energy codes into them.
Zac will be returning to record with us again very soon, as soon as Janet is strong enough to record with him 3 times a month. For now we are thrilled to be able to have Janets hypnotic skills and wisdom combined with a sprinkling of Zacs magic!!

The Free Patreon App for your devices, is an excellent way to navigate all of Zacs posts. You can also simply use a browser on computers and mobile devices.

Zacs Guests
We are also so incredibly priviledged to have almost a years phenomenal Deep Dive transmissions and two 'Guest of Zac' Chats with Leanne Rose and The Galayla Collective.
We also hosted several exceptional guests channelling for us during 2023. Lisa Fullbright Cossey, channeling The Elderselves. James Latimer Channeling Thor. Rayania Chaenn Channeling her Collective.

For those still wishing to become a Patron
If you feel inspired to join us as a Patron you will immediately unite with many others who are very busy exploring the delights of our extensive library of timeless 'evalatory' meditations and Zacs rich, supportive, conversational wisdom... in fact this would be an excellent time to join as a Patron to tune in to the wisdom and guidance from Zac as we prepare for what he calls the greatest upgrade humanity has ever experienced!

Patrons are not bound to any contracts so you can even try us out for a month or so and see if what Zac shares resonates, brings you peace and reassures you during these chaotic and often unfathomable times here on Earth. So, if you are curious about becoming one of Zacs patrons you can subscribe to our membership section within our Patreon site for a small financial exchange. You can enjoy all of our previous meditations created by Zac in his astonishing multi-dimensional genius way and a treasure trove of insightful Deep Dive conversations with Zac... for as long as you choose!
Janet and I are filled with utter joy to be able to connect Zac with so many of his dear soul friends, enabling his super supportive, inspirational guidance, wisdom and love to reach around the world.
A huge heart-felt welcome to our new patrons and to our new subscribers we are delighted to be sharing this journey with you.

So who Is Zac?
Zac is an aspect of the ascended Master Djwal Khul, who is often referred to as The Tibetan. However, he comes through to us in the personality form of Zacharia, from a life when he lived as a Syrian man in just one of his many human lives! He first introduced himself to us as 'A guide for the future' in 2010. Now he loves to simply be called Zac and to be considered a dear friend to all of us. He reminds us regularly, just how very fond of humans he is! We love him dearly and greatly appreciate and value his visits to us where he shares a higher perspective, high frequency guidance and wisdom. Especially now as we venture forward and have the incredible experience of transitioning through this incredible leap in consciousness together.
For any new subscribers and patrons who are eager to know more about Zac, we ask him to explain a little more about himself at the start of the November 2021 Zac Chat ~ Beyond Resistance ~ which is fascinating in itself. (You will need to scroll down the playlist on the Patreon site in the Collections section Zac Chats or Free Conversations or you can use the search facility.)

All our previous Zac Chats & Q&A's with Zac are available for free on our Patreon site 
All are overflowing with valuable wisdom related to our transition into the higher realms of consciousness.

We suggest using the Patreon App and also downloading the audios to your devices so you can listen to many times offline. This needs to be done from a computer, then you can send it to your phone.

Please share Zacs Portal with like-hearted friends, it is a dream of ours for many more people to meet Zac and feel his love filled reassurance and inspiration at this monumental time of transition...

Thank you for all you do to support us and share Zac with your friends! An extra enormous thank you to those amazing patrons who have recently increased their patronage... we are so very grateful and absolutely delighted!!
Please do also subscribe to both of our newsletters:
Hazels website and monthly 'Zac Love-Letter' - Click Here

Janets website and Usually Quarterly Newsletter - Click Here

Cosmic Collaborations with our dearest friend and Master Astrologer Pam Gregory: 

We are also so grateful to our awesome friend Pam Gregory who has shared her love and appreciation for Zac in several of her astrology transmissions and interviewed him three times so far: We will be chatting together in June this year, now that Janet has recovered enough to bring Zac through to us once more.
Here are links to these fabulous conversations in: October '21, March '22 and more recently in October 22.
As a result of these cosmic collaborations with Pam, we are so thrilled to be welcoming so many new resonant friends to our cosmic soul family!

If however, you are not yet aware of the incredible astrology forecasts and inspired wisdom that Pam shares regularly on You Tube and in her monthly newsletters which are now be freely available on her website; you can find her website here and her You Tube channel here 
Pam also shares just how everything is ramping up in the cosmos, aligning perfectly to activate this huge shift in consciousness that we are starting to experience .... When her epic monthly newsletters are posted on her website I trust that you can gift yourself a cuppa and some time with your feet up and your heart purring, as you read about the miraculous nature of our universe!!


**A Heartfelt Request From Us To You**

Our dream is for more and more people to have access to this astonishing wisdom so that more of us can enjoy the journey of 'evalation' together, and also inspire even more of Humanity to remember who they truly are and just why they incarnated here on Earth!!


Do you know anyone who would benefit from the support that Zac, The Galayla Collective, and all of the Ascended Masters, high frequency Beings of Light and Guides share during these extraordinary times, that bring us so much information about our new way of living and being on Earth?


We'd be extremely grateful for some help from those of you who appreciate the value of all we share each month and in our extensive library, from our dearest old friend Zac and 6D wisdom from The Galayla Collective and superb guidance from our other incredible guest Guides! 

This year, with Janets illness it has been more tricky for us to reach out to more people around the world who would benefit from all we share. So, we have a little favour to ask of you, and that is, if it feels right could you share Zacsportal with friends and those you know who are ready to hear channeled information from Zac, The Galayla Collective and our amazing guests. 


A huge thank you from us for any support you can give in helping us to reach more people with our free content and perhaps your friends will then also feel inspired to join us as part of our Patron Soul Family Community.

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