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I'd love to inspire you to join me as a student of the Gene Keys, a body of wisdom that was transmitted through Richard Rudd, who brought the wisdom of the Gene Keys to the world.
The insights you will find within the words and energy of the Gene Keys will give you great guidance on how to become a conscious designer of your life and enjoy creating your reality based on your own inherent gifts. If these gifts are currently dormant you will find ways of awakening the DNA to reveal your talents and gifts.
I am a huge fan and personal student of the Gene Keys, an incredible set of teachings, that will assist you to transform your life, activate dormant aspects of your DNA, bring you inner peace and happiness and increase your levels of consciousness.
DNA activation is the process of accreting more light into your morphogenetic field by activating the dormant strands of DNA that correspond to your Higher Self.
You have at least a 12 strand DNA template that allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. DNA activation is the key to spiritual ascension and the embodiment of your Higher Self.
I have personally made many exciting and positive breakthroughs in my life as a result of studying the Gene Keys, I'm constantly drawn to continue to deepen my studies and my inner transformation.
You can learn more by studying the book, Gene Keys, downloading your own Hologenetic Profile and embarking on a transformational online program called The Golden Path.

Your Map - the 64 Gene Keys are an amazing Universal
code book for exploring the transformation of
consciousness. Each key contains a unique message
for you to digest and contemplate. You will be imbibing
Universal Truth at a physical, emotional and mental level.
I suggest that you download your free Hologenetic
Profile and then read and contemplate the specific
Gene Keys that you find in your personal chart.
Then as time goes on start to explore the keys of
your loved ones, friends and colleagues.
You will be amazed at how much useful information
you will discover.
Your Compass - Your own Hologenetic Profile is a series of sequences that reveals your higher purpose behind your life and relationships. It invites you into a deeply personal journey activating your DNA through exploration and contemplation of your personal and complementary Gene Keys.
Your Journey - The Golden Path is an online program of deep contemplation that guides you in applying the Gene Keys in your own life, leading to a powerful states of expanded awareness and self illumination.
There are 3 distinct parts to the 33 steps of the Golden Path  ~ A voyage of self illumination through the Gene Keys

You can study the 33 steps of this path alone, with a partner or friend or in small groups. It is an incredibly fast and joy filled way of releasing yourself from the lower frequency states or shadows and lifting yourself into a more love and joy filled way of life as you expand your consciousness, activate your DNA and create a happier, healthier lifestyle.
It starts with the Activation Sequence: Where you discover your own personal
genius. Igniting multiple positive breakthroughs as you explore and optimise the four essential pillars of your life; your life's work, your purpose, the way you evolve and radiate yourself out into the world.
Followed by The Venus Sequence: Which opens your heart through your relationships, will teach you how to use your relationships as a mirror of your unconscious shadow patterns. you can access realms of transformation that otherwise would have remained hidden from you.
You discover how you were genetically coded while you were in the womb and at your birth and how this relates to all the relationships in your life, including the most important one, that with your self.
Huge creative potential lies locked behind the inner gates of this sequence and great transformation can occur once you have accessed this inner truth. Once you reach the power of love within your DNA, your relationships will flourish and you will thrive in a way you may not have even dared to dream of.
The finale is contained within The Pearl Sequence - Where you learn about your prosperity in life.....The final part of the Golden Path journey shows you how to apply the Gene Keys - both internally and externally - to your working life. It will ask you to explore the true nature of Prosperity, that may change the way you view money and abundance for ever more.

The teachings in the Pearl sequence helps to bring you a deep and lasting inner clarity so that you gain confidence and a higher perspective in the realms of prosperity.
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