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Workshop  with Hazel Newton 

Sunday 15th October 2017

Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre

North Bristol

10 am - 5 pm   £40


This is a one-day seminar on Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression and reincarnation by Hazel Newton.


The day includes;
• A discussion about reincarnation and the nature of our eternal soul
• Two group regressions enabling attendees to experience entering into their own past life memories.
• A full healing demonstration of Past Life Regression with one of the attendees.
It will be of particular benefit to people who wish to discover more about who they truly are as an eternal soul and discover new ways of quantum healing.


Past Life Regression and Transformational Regression Therapy

Within each of us reside the events and memories of past lives and the remaining unfinished business. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound. A chronic sore throat may derive from strangling, hanging or choking. As the soul returns to life over and over, these traumatic memories are re-created, often making little sense in the context of the present life and keeping us from living peaceful lives. They emerge as obsessions, recurring relationship problems, nightmares, anger, depression, sadness, panic attacks and unexplained physical pains. Regression Therapy transforms these together with problems from our current life in one comprehensive process. Based on the understanding that we are vibrational beings made up of energy, ‘We begin to understand our energetic soul contracts that we made with others in our lives before we incarnated to complete our outstanding issues. From this knowledge it is possible to take responsibility for the life we are experiencing now, the life-lessons we are learning’. Healing can come about when we learn to consciously and consistently raise our vibrational frequency out of disease, pain and suffering into a balanced and sustainable life of peace, joy and happiness



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