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"It's as if a part of me wants to move forward and take this new opportunity......


...yet another part of me is resistant and keeps blocking my progress"

Parts Therapy

What is Parts Therapy or Conflict Resolution


Our psyche is made up of many different sub personalities and ego states. These we can call our various parts. When we have parts that are in conflict, we tend to feel stuck and something blocks us moving forward.


In a hypnotherapy session we can speak with the various sub personalities or parts of us whilst in a trance state and through a careful dialogue we mediate with both or all the various 'parts' to resolve the issue, find the ultimate goal of each part and create a strong positve and harmonious resolution....


These sessions are so powerful, and can quickly resolve deep inner conflicts, that may have been present for years, often in just one or two  2 - 2.5 hour sessions.


Parts Therapy is also taught in the Advanced Hypnosis course I run, drop me an email if you would like to find out more about becoming a hypnotherapist.


Parts Therapy is undoubtedly the most powerful therapy I have personally experienced and the results in my life have been immediate and life-changing.


Prior to the Parts Therapy Session with Hazel it would be true to say that my life was pretty good but I was aware that, although a very mild mannered person, I could have sudden, monumental outbursts of anger and rage that surprised even me with their ferocity and sense of being out of control.  


I attended an Advanced Hypnosis Course with Hazel last year and during Hazel's talk on Parts Therapy could feel the 'Angry Dee' coming to the fore and getting very uncomfortable.


Hazel gave me the opportunity to be her subject and allowed the Angry part of me to explain the reasons for its outburst and it's concerns.


With huge love and compassion, Hazel was able to thank the 'Angry part of me' for trying to help and protect me but pointed out the harm it was unintentionally causing.  


The end result was the establishment of  balance and harmony between the Angry me and all the other parts and emotions that are me. A year later, I still feel that all the parts of the jigsaw that are me are all in the right place and producing the right overall picture and life is just flowing smoothly.

Thank you so much. Dee Armstrong Wiltshire 2011

Parts Therapy is brilliant and magic!!

The release and depth of work was incredible. I got to meet parts of myself that all had very distinct personality. Each personality was expressing itself in such a way that left me speechless. I had no idea things were working in that way inside me.


I loved the process, and this is what I love about hypnosis, I always felt I had total control, during the whole process of all the parts having their say!


For me I saw the effects immediately on return with now multiple miracles on house front.

Isabel G London

'Hazel, thank you SO much for the gentle, skilful and loving way you brought me to my resolution. 


My 'story' of 'I can't do it' had been accelerating.  The part of me called 'Little Phoebe' had such a buoyant and inquisitve character and she felt very close to those giggly, adventurous, laughing parts of me, that it was very refreshing even though the circumstances of the 'I can't do it' i.e. of being shouted at very aggressively,  out of all proportion  and unexpectedly for being in the wrong place were very frightening to Phoebe.  

The consequences of further 'adventuring' were not good for that life but the understanding of all parts played when reviewing all players and understanding and forgiving  allowed resolution and a definite shift to

'I can do it.'   


The session was in mid June.  It is now beginning October and while life has mostly been very good, I have even had some challenging moments attempting to deflate me.  But, I have thought of adventurous Phoebe and how 'I can do it' and, yes, the Phoebe factor is still working. 


Lots love,

Elizabeth x

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