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Regression Therapy

What is Regression Therapy

Using a trance state or an emotion we revisit the root cause of a physical, emotional or mental problem that is repeatedly causing difficultes in your life. We then release and transform it so that you are free to experience life more positively and healthily.....


Regression therapy involves revisiting earlier memories and experiences. These come from past lives or from the current life, which are influencing our behaviours and everyday life on an unconscious level. When clients do this, then they gain a new perspective on these memories and experiences. Then they are transformed and energetic, psychological and psychosomatic blocks from the past are released. This result in positive resolution for the clients’ emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This brings about transformation for the current life.

Regression therapy generally involves a reasonably short series of 2 to 3 hour sessions aimed at finding resolution for a specific goal. It includes past life or current life work or more usually a combination of both. 


This  addresses the core of the issues facilitating transformation at very deep levels and empowerment for clients to help them safely achieve their goals.

Regression therapy quite often involves body therapy, spirit release work or energy field clearance. This also facilitates clients removing blocks from the past and also often allows greater access to our Soul memories.



Regression Therapy


2+ hours, £80 an hour, please note first session takes a minimum of 120 minutes; 


A course of 2- 3 sessions, with continual assessment of your measurable symptoms is advised. Sometimes one or 2 sessions is all that's required.


Further sessions using different modalities may be required depending on the nature of the issue you present with.


Email or call me to book a session. Fill in the Client Questionnaire before we meet, so I can fully prepare for your session.

Much more in-depth information can be found on the next specific pages of :

Hi Hazel, 


Thank you again, I really appreciate everything you did for me yesterday. 


The journey home took 4 hours in the end (London transport!) but I slept better last night than I have done for the past twelve months. I definitely feel different, better and more positive in many, many ways. 


I look forward to receiving the recording - a worthwhile investment! And I will keep you updated on progress. 

I can only say thank you again once more, and for the reading list as well - I found all the titles online and will work my way through shortly. 


Best wishes


Then a Few weeks Later.....

Hi Hazel, 


Thank you for following up. 


I have slept a lot better since seeing you thank you, it’s quite remarkable the improvement in quality and quantity. After a year of disrupted sleep - it’s definitely needed! 


I have also started to take steps to try some new things out and take action to shift things (career, priorities etc) in my life, in a positive way. I feel more empowered and in control for doing so, and genuinely excited about the future. 


Generally, I feel in a good place, more content (at peace!) and better connected with myself. 


I must say that Hypnotherapy has proved to be more powerful than I ever thought possible - a common response from your clients no doubt!  Thank you very much again. 


Best wishes


Testimonials from clients who chose to have theie Regression Sessions over Skype

The thought of travelling to an unfamiliar location and having to drive home after an intense therapy session was not something I was keen on. Skype was the perfect answer for me. In the comfort of my own home I was able to relax in a quiet space and embrace my therapy session. The flexibility of this accommodating session meant I could focus my energy on healing rather than being racked with anxiety from the offset. 


I have spent over fifteen years in therapy, partaking in weekly sessions, often feeling that an hour was never enough to truly open up. The benefits of having a longer session meant that we were able to dig deep and tap into the unconscious mind. I am blown away by the emotion that I was able to release during the session and amazed at the power of Hazels work. In just one session I have seen a significant change in my wellbeing. 

I was sceptical of hypnotherapy and EFT, but now living the results, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Thank you for everything you’ve done Hazel. For now I’m great, but sure I will be in touch in the future for support once more when I’m ready to do some more work on myself. 


Best wishes Hazel

L E Wilts xx

The session had a profound effect on me. My anxiety has been non existent, level 2 at the most! When I reach this height I am able to reel it back in again and feel balanced.


I have generally been much calmer, less stressed and able to manage situations much better and without being so emotional.

There’s been a couple of scenarios where I’ve asked myself if I’m the same person! I’ve been so impressed by my response to some difficult situations. 


I have been listening to the recording a lot, which has helped reinforce everything we did together on the 6th July.

​I am in a stronger place now where I can tell any stray thoughts that they do not serve me. 


My mood has been more positive and I think everyone has noticed that. 

If I need to return I shall contact you, I am so amazed that we only had one session together and that I did it from the comfort of my own home over skype!

Thank you for all of your support Hazel.


L Anders


Thanks so much Hazel for the recordings of the session we had last week on Skype.

There has been a Major Shift in me already. I feel so much lighter and much more loving. Barry noticed too!


It even feels like a new beginning.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am.


Much love and blessings 🙏

Inesse,  France

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