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Hazel Newton

Together we are Ascending in Consciousness

A Portal for Evolutionary Wisdom

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Online Portal
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Portal of Evolutionary Wisdom

An Online Portal

Linking you with Channels

Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters

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Revelations Events
Revelations Ascension Consciousness C Fl

All Day

Channelled Events

Next Revelations

Ascension Consciousness

Embodying High Vibrational Living

March 24th

The only one to be held in Stroud in 2019

Lansdown Hall and Gallery

A Gathering of Channels and Their Guides

Conscious Organic Cafe

Stunning Inspired Art

Super Early Bird

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Evening Channelling Events
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Bristol and Stroud Channeling Meetups

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Assisting in the Evoluion of Humanity


This is a hub, where you can explore a diverse range of information related to, your own personal, and our collective evolution as humanity.
Including, accessing wisdom from and communicating with other realms, spirit guides, highly evolved beings and ascended masters, archangels and even beings from other civilisations.
I am passionate about these topics and provide information and opportunities which will help you to enjoy your life to the full, increase your own personal radiance and vibration and will inspire you to master your life experience and evolve in the way that you most desire, while you are blessed to be here on our beloved Earth/Gaia.
I also offer a range of consultations and therapies to help you in your personal evolution.
It may be necessary to help you to clear your energy field, so that you can more easily become the very best version of yourself that you can be. I have studied, practiced and also taught many therapies that we may decide together would be useful for you to engage in, so that you can enjoy life to the full and evolve in the perfect way for you. 
See my therapy website for more information:
A Portal for Evolutionary Wisdom ~  Live and Online Events, Evolution Coaching
This is my absolute passion! For us all individually and collectively to enjoy our evolution journey and totally thrive as we raise our consciousness and ascend whilst in our physical bodies.
My dream is to assist and encourage you to go within and access your own inner wisdom, your higher self and to also provide you with access to conversations with evolved spirits of light, who can help to teach you how to do this most effectively. Give you assistance to help you to expand your energy field, raise your vibration in harmony with the new energy on the planet and master your own evolution journey.
One of the ways this is possible is through an ongoing dialogue with various highly evolved Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and energies from higher dimensions than ours, who are offering love, support and guidance during these rapidly evolving times here on our beloved planet Earth.
Live Events:
I create and facilitate various 'live' Channeling events in south west England, where you are invited to come and join us and  have the opportunity to come and engage with Ascended Masters, guides and beings from other planetary systems; be in their loving, healing, high frequency energy, take part in the healing processes they bring forth and ask your own questions.
You can link with exceptional colleagues of mine who channel this guidance; you will find out more about them on this site, so that you can feel into who you resonate with, and connect with any of them in person or skype, for personal questions, training or healings. 
I shall also inform you of channelling courses, where you can be supported and expertly guided to learn to get in touch with your own innate abilities to connect with your higher self and high frequency energies. 
All Day Events ~ The Flagship "Revelations" Events return for 2019
We shall also be gathering for a variety of whole day events throughout the year, with various topics, themes and channels. We came together for three Revelations events in 2018 and there will be two in 2019. March in Stroud and our first in Bristol in November.
This is a link to the next Revelations event on March 24th, 2019 in Stroud.


Please register your interest with me if any of these events or sessions sound interesting and resonate with you. 
Much time is being devoted to the new online portal this year... however there are many ideas percolating for many more exciting super cosmic and informative future events and retreats...
Contact me:
In the Stroud and Bristol areas, I host three fabulous monthly evening channeling groups.
Lisa Fullbright Cossey, Channelling, "The Elder Selves"
Stroud:  On the last Thursday evening in The Old Town Hall, The Shambles Stroud.
Bristol:  On the first Thursday evening  at the Friends Meeting House, Redland Bristol.
These groups are guided by a highly evolved collective that call themselves The Elder Selves: Together we explore many topics and they bring wisdom, guidance and love to the group, answering questions and love to be in dialogue with humanity!
The Elder Selves join with a group of Native Shamanic Elders who come through and bless us with exquisite cleansing toning and chanting. They then go to each person in the group to offer profound multi dimensional energy healing of our Chakras, past Life aspects, remove unwanted debris and attachements, energetically working uniquely in our energy fields . We do an intentional healing process for others in the world and we collectively start to dream in the world we wish to co-create together!
Gina Schofield and The Pleaidian 'Divine 9', or Andromedan 'Collective of 5'
Bristol: On the 2nd Thursday of the month, we meet in Barrow Gurney, Bristol with Gina and her Star Being Guides, currently The Divine 9 from The Pleiades.
Gina brings forth the Star Being Guides, who lovingly come through to engage in discussing and enlightening us with conversations on various pertinent topics, to assist us in our ongoing evolution and understanding of who we truly are. They answer our questions, bathe us in Light Language that optimises our energy fields and guide us through insightful processes which assist us in evolving and expanding our energy bodies, activating and upgrading our DNA and Kundalini energy.
The energy is sublime...
More information for all the Groups can be found on my MeetUp pages:
Bristol Monthly MeetUps with Either Lisa or Gina
Stroud Monthly MeetUp with Lisa
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I am so thrilled to be joining with my dearest friend and colleague Janet Treloar on Ariella Indigo's 2019 Multidimensional Human Love Summit... Ariella is another much loved friend and Ascension Guide!

I interview the much loved Zac, an aspect of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul, who shares much wisdom on the nature of Love and how it amplifies our Ascension whether we are in a Sacred Union, a friendship or single.

Do Join me, sign up to listen to over 20+ Teachers who share their experience and guidance on all aspects of How we can flourish with the energy of LOVE as we ascend.

Portals of Evolutionary Wisdom

Live Chanelling Events

Online Channelled Wisdom

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