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“He who looks outside,
He who looks within,
Carl Jung
"The happiness of your life
Depends on the quality of Your
Thoughts and beliefs"
Welcome to ‘Radiant Souls’ where you will be able to explore information about a diverse range of therapies on offer, that will be tailored to you as an individual.

These tools can assist you to fully overcome the issues that are causing you challenges and spoiling your experience of life.


I am an experienced Hypnotherapist, Tutor and Supervisor, having taught Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy for the last 12 years. My goal is to give you confidence that there are simple, non invasive, fast and effective ways to help you to positively update your subconscious beliefs. As your beliefs change so will your experience of all lifes challenges change for

the better. Together, with me as your guide, we can find the source of

your issue and resolve it completely or to the level you are delighted with.


Use the "Choices" menu to explore which type of therapy feels right for you, then drop me an email or call me to discuss your specific

and unique requirements.


My preference is that we work together for a minimum of two long sessions of 3-4 hours for deeper issues. In my experience this is the quickest, most thorough, productive and transformational way of releasing beliefs and negative experiences that are no longer serving you. Once these have been released, we can transform your inner belief system to one that will bring you much more happiness and freedom, so you can move on to enjoy life much more fully.


As a former senior staff nurse, my desire is to help you to be free from any challenges you are experiencing whether they are emotional, physical or mind based without unnecessary pharmaceuticals or medical intervention. However, when these, or medical intervention are appropriate and of benefit, we can of course integrate them in conjunction with the sessions we have together.

Another passion of mine is using good healthy organic food and clean filtered water as your best medicine. I would encourage you to investigate integrating an alkaline way of living that will give your body the most beneficial environment to thrive and reverse many of the common illnesses of our time.

Hazel Newton

I have a variety of tools in my tool-kit that can inspire you back to

full health and balance!

Together we can choose which is best suited to you.

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