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"The Happiness of Your Life Depends on the Quality
of Your
Thoughts and Beliefs"





           1-2 hours ~ £80 an hour



      Regression Therapy  


           2 hours ~ £80 an hour



       Inner Child Healing


           2-3 hours ~ £80 an hour


What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis happens naturally whenever a person is inclined to accept outside suggestions. Hypnosis is a natural state of altered awareness. It can help you heal more rapidly, transform your beliefs be more creative, and change for the better......

What is Inner Child Healing

When we are little we are like sponges and often become traumatised by things that happen to us or around us. Aspects of our psyche get frozen in time during trauma or stress. So we return to 'rescue', heal and love our little self and nurture him or her.....

What is Regression

Using a trance state or an emotion we revisit the root cause of a physical, emotional or mental problem that is repeatedly causing difficultes in your life. We then release and transform it so that you are free to experience life more positively and healthily.....


       Past Life Regression


           2 hours ~ £80 an hour



            Spirit Release


           2 hours ~ £90 an hour



     Life Between Life - LBL


           4 -6 hours ~ £80 an hour


What is Past Life Regression

Whether metaphorical or true, as eternal beings, we regularly incarnate and at the end of a life we may carry over trama and unfinished business into our current life for healing and completion. So we visit this and transform negative patterns....

What is Spirit Release

As physical beings we often merge with other energies, often they are distracting or unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, pains, emotions or spirit forms. These may be earth bound spirits that can easily be assisted and returned on their journey back into energy or spirit form.....

What is LBL

The journey of our soul takes us from one life to another, inbetween we are back in our true expanded energetic form and we are one with our soul family and guides and create contracts and plans for our next life. visiting the familiar Council of Elders...


           EFT ~ Tapping 


           2 hours ~ £70 an hour



            Parts Therapy


           2 hours ~ £80 an hour



       Smoking Cessation


           2 hours ~ £200 total


What is Smoking Cessation

One of the most effective ways to give up smoking is using a state of hypnosis to change the belief of being "A Smoker" into a more helpful one of being "A Non Smoker" This is a straightforward session using advanced techniques that change internal beliefs, so you become smoke free easily.....

What is Parts Therapy

Our psyche is made up of many different sub personalities and ego states. These we can call our various parts. When we have parts that are in conflict, we can speak with them in a trance state and mediate to resolve issues and create a strong positve and harmonious resolution....

What is EFT ~ Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique is an open eye type of hypnosis. Tapping on various meridians of the body uses an energetic healing modality similar to those used in acupuncture, that works at a quantum level to release blocks of all kinds that result in a profound healing...

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