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Good Vibrations

How are you Vibrating today? Have you any idea how much our moods influence the rest of our days and the opportunities and relationships we encounter? The thoughts and emotions we have and the beliefs we think, create a magnetic frequency that radiates out into the Universe......Now that I am aware of this, I have become much more mindful of how I am 'feeling', what thoughts I allow in my mind, which isn't actually as private as I always thought it was!! Seems the whole Universe can listen in (with no judgement, you will be relieved to hear!) It is just designed to respond to the vibrations that are created in response to your thoughts and then magnetically attracts and brings you more of what you think about and what resonates with you..... no judgement also means if you think negative or victim type thoughts it brings more of that and if you think abundantly it magnifies the abundance you are experiencing in your being.

I like to imagine my thoughts and behaviours as sign posts for the Universe to respond to, it seems to be essential to be be hyper-vigilant and immediately transform any sneaky little thoughts that are masquerading as positive thoughts but really signify lack or disappointment or a needing of some description.

The interesting thing that I have discovered is that we don't actually have to think factually, we can train ourselves to be creative in our thoughts and state things as if they have al