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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

What does forgiveness really mean? Is it OK to feel angry, bitter and resentful towards someone who has hurt you? Well, of course, you do have freedom of choice. You can harbour negative feelings—but in the long run, whom do those feelings hurt? Yes, usually they hurt you, often even manifesting as disease within your body, and definitely causing a black cloud to hover over you as you live your life.

However, choosing to forgive people who you might feel have wronged you will bring the inner peace you are probably craving.

One of the spiritual teachings that I resonate with is that they are really just loving souls in your current life’s play—who are also often members of your soul group, and who are bringing the very life-lessons you chose to experience before you were born.

In my work as a regression therapist and life-between-life practitioner, I often guide people back to the very traumas that have created blocked energy in their body. We find that it is usually at a time when they are harbouring resentment, anger or other low frequency emotions and haven’t forgiven people who they feel hurt them in some way, perhaps when they were younger or even in one of their past lives.

This blocked emotion/energy is usually manifesting as unexplainable pain or disease in their current life. We revisit the scenes in question and gain a new awareness of what happened, and in the spiritual dimension we meet the same characters who performed the dreadful deeds. We then have an opportunity to express to them what it actually felt like to be the victim, on the receiving end of their anger and abuse, sharing with them the pain and hurt we experienced at the time. Then we see how perpetrators feel once they realise just how they affected us. This often actually results in their apologising, showing a deep level of remorse, making it easy for us to forgive their actions.

We may visit another of our past lives where we were the perpetrator and not the victim, so that we see first hand that we are 'everything', the good and the bad, the kind and the cruel. This makes it so much easier to forgive and let go. As we forgive those souls who contracted with us to play these tough roles, we are also forgiving ourselves for the times we were cruel, abusive, or violent.

In life-between-life sessions we go to the very place where the contracts are made between souls planning their next incarnation. Here is where we actually ask for another soul, who is willing to play the part, to enter into a contract with us to be our perpetrator or abuser, or who will betray us in some way. Once one volunteers for the part, we make our contract, incredibly grateful that they agreed to help us with our life mission.

These souls are sometimes reluctant, knowing it will be a tough lesson to learn on both sides. However souls are 'unconditional love', which makes it easier to play these tough roles as they do it out of love for us.

So as you look at those in your life who have ‘wronged’ you, you have the choice to remember that they are just playing a part in your play, just like actors. As a soul you asked them to help you grow, therefore you can alter your perspective of the situation and choose to forgive them, setting both of you free, and in so doing, often releasing yourself from the contract. In essence the contract is complete; loving forgiveness equals mission accomplished.

So whom do you need to forgive? Who has been helping you in your life by playing the bad guy? Changing your perspective, understanding, and forgiving will set you free, bringing you peace of mind and health of body.

It’s time for us all to we remember who we are and the power of our relationships that all mirror much information to us that can ultimately heal ourselves and enable each and every one of us to take a quantum leap into higher levels of consciousness. Forgiveness and understanding are one of the optimum emotions to set humanity free from the suffering of low frequency life in this dualistic arena.

A fabulous short parable that I fully recommend you to read or listen to on an audio track is, The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch who wrote Conversations With God:

The Parable of the Little Soul and the Sun

Neale Donald Walsche has a wonderful parable written in Book 1 and 3 (Conversations with God) about the Little Soul and the Sun.

This entry talks about the Grand Design of life. Our purpose in life, in relation to ourselves and to others.

The parable goes like this:

“You may choose to be any Part of God you wish to be,” I said to the Little Soul. “You are Absolute Divinity, experiencing Itself. What Aspect of Divinity do you now wish to experience as You?”

“You mean I have a choice?” asked the Little Soul. And I answered, “Yes, You may choose to experience Any Aspect of Divinity in, as, and through you.”

“Okay,” said the Little Soul, “then I choose Forgiveness. I want to experience my Self as the Aspect of God called Complete Forgiveness.”

Well, this created a little challenge, as you can imagine.

There was no one to forgive. All I have created is Perfection and Love.

“No one to forgive?” asked the Little Soul, somewhat incredulously.

“No one,” I repeated. “Look around you. Do you see any souls less perfect, less wonderful than you?”

At this the Little Soul twirled around, and was surprised to see himself surrounded by all the souls in heaven. They had come from far and wide throughout the Kingdom, because they heard that the Little Soul was having an extraordinary conversation from God.

“I see none less perfect than I!” the Little Soul exclaimed. “Who, then, shall I have to forgive?”

Just then, another soul stepped forward from the crowd. “You may forgive me,” said this Friendly Soul.

“For what?” the Little Soul asked.

“I will come into your next physical lifetime and do something for you to forgive,” replied the Friendly Soul.

“But what? What could you, a being of such Perfect Light, do to make me want to forgive you?” the Little Soul wanted to know.

“Oh,” smiled the Friendly Soul, “I’m sure we can think of something.”

“But why would you want to do this?” The Little Soul could not figure out why a being of such perfection would want to slow down its vibration so much that it could actually do something “bad”.

“Simple,” the Friendly Soul explained, “I would do it because I love you. You want to experience your Self as Forgiving, don’t you? Besides, you’ve done the same for me.”

“I have?” asked the Little Soul.

“Of course. Don’t you remember? We’ve been All Of It, you and I. We’ve been the Up and Down of it, and the Left and the Right of it. We’ve been the Here and the There of it. We’ve been the Big and the Small of it, the Male and the Female of it, the Good and the Bad of it. We’ve all been the All of It.

“And we’ve done it by agreement, so that each of us might experience ourselves as the Grandest Part of God. For we have understood that… In the absence of that which You Are Not, that Which You ARE, is NOT.

In the absence of ‘cold’, you cannot be ‘warm’. In the absence of ‘sad’, you cannot be ‘happy’, without a thing called ‘evil’, the experience you call ‘good’ cannot exist.

If you choose to be a thing, something or someone opposite to that has to show up somewhere in your universe to make that possible.”

The Friendly Soul then explained that those people are God’s Special Angels, and these conditions God’s Gifts.

“I ask only one thing in return,” the Friendly Soul declared.

“Anything! Anything,” the Little Soul cried. He was excited not to know that he could experience every Divine Aspect of God. He understood, now, the Plan.

“In the moment that I strike you and smite you,” said the Friendly Soul, “in the moment that I do the worst to you that you could ever imagine – in that selfsame moment… remember Who I Really Am.”

“Oh, I won’t forget!” promised the Little Soul. “I will see you in the perfection with which I hold you now, and I will remember Who You Are, always.”

~The End~

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